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Whether you are an Actor, Model, Singer, Dancer, or some combination thereof, what you will discover in CARPE DIEM will transform you into the Artist you’ve always dreamed of with the values you hold dear... Great actors are not great for the reasons you might think.  They don’t put on an act. They don’t pretend to be someone they are not. Rather, they are brave souls who strip away all pretense and reveal themselves as the complex humans we all are, as created by God. 

We help you find yourself, so you can see yourself as God sees you.

Training Includes the Following Topics

  • What is Good Acting?
  • Revealing Yourself
  • Branding
  • Self-Knowledge
  • Styling
  • Creating Content
  • Acting the Song
  • On-Camera Scene Work
  • Preparation for the Stage
  • Charisma Coaching
  • Self-Discovery
  • Self-Tapes Ins-and-Outs
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Current Casting Trends
  • Demystify the Audition Process
  • Finding an Agent
  • Being a Healthy Performer
  • Owning the Runway
  • Photo Movement
  • Building Quiet Confidence

$30 for each 2 hr. workshop. Get 1 workshop free if you purchase 5 or more at once. Get the whole 12 week program for the cost of 10 workshops.

  • 12 week course
  • 2 hours per workshop
  • Enter course at any time and continue as long as you would like: each session can be a stand-alone
  • Small groups
  • Ages: teen to adult
  • Expert consultants
  • $30 per workshop
  • Every 6th session free via mobile punchcard system, Flok

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Heading Up The Performing Studio: Cathy Reinking

 CATHY REINKING (IMDB Page) helps you be more memorable, stand out and move an audience. She uses the specific process that Hollywood Stars use to fuel their careers, and agents and casting directors use to spot and develop new talent.  She discovered these secrets working on Emmy-Winning TV Shows (Frasier, Arrested Development) for 12 years (23 years total in The Business), helping 1000s of actors to be their best.  Now Cathy is bringing these insights to you. 

Cathy Reinking has worked for:


Our Actors Are Making Good Bolder

Singers Get Branded & Photographed

Some Kids Are Born To Perform

Fashion Models Keep It Simple

Lifestyle Models Keep It Real